Maine Employment Law Update 2015

Maine Employment Law Update 2015 Back by popular demand! Close out 2015 and get ready for 2016 by learning about some recent updates in Maine Employment Law that will include the answers to critical questions about what you can and cannot ask prospective employees, as well as the implications for employers of Maine’s new “Facebook” […]

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Julia G. Pitney Presenting at Maine Trial Lawyers Association Seminar

Attorney Julia G Pitney will be presenting at the upcoming Maine Trial Lawyers Association seminar on the topic of Attorneys as Employers: Employment Law landmines to avoid from hiring to firing. Julia will address a number of common employment law issues that can arise with employees during the hiring process, employment, and post-termination, as well […]

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Danelle R. Milone joins Drummond & Drummond

Drummond & Drummond, LLP is pleased to announce that Danelle R. Milone, Esq. has joined the firm as an associate attorney. Danelle is a 2006 graduate of Gordon College, and received her Juris Doctor from New England Law in 2011. Danelle previously worked in Massachusetts as a Social Security Disability Attorney and for The Advocator […]

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Employment Law Update 2015

Wondering how Maine’s new laws regarding medical marijuana might impact your personnel policies? Did you know that Maine has certain leave policies in addition to FMLA? Trying to determine whether you can engage an individual as an independent contractor? Concerned that your salaried employee might not be overtime exempt? Learn the answers to these questions […]

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What Is Probate?

The term “probate” is generally used to refer to the legal process whereby a person’s estate is administered after his or her death. During the probate process, a personal representative (also referred to as an executor) is appointed by the Court. The personal representative is responsible for settling and distributing the deceased person’s estate. This […]

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‘Conscious Uncoupling’ – Marketing the Collaborative Approach to Divorce

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin decided to ‘consciously uncouple’ this year, which created a media frenzy. Paltrow posted this phrase on her website, and got lambasted for using the term to announce her divorce from her husband. Fans and critics alike were left puzzling, wondering why a divorce should be reduced to such an arcane […]

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Do I Need A Will?

I am married. Do I still need a Will? If you are over the age of 18 and of sound mind, the answer is YES. If you die without a Will (known as dying “intestate”), you might assume your spouse gets everything. This is not true under Maine law. How much of your estate your […]

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Common legal issues when a tenant moves out

By Andrew P. Pierce, Esq. Maine has very specific laws that protect the rights of residential tenants. It is very easy for an unsuspecting (or willfully ignorant) landlord to violate those rights. These problems often arise at the end of tenancy. Security Deposits Maine has very specific laws regarding the handling of security deposits. A […]

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What is Premises Liability in Maine?

It is a common misconception that real estate owners are responsible anytime someone gets injured on their property. Property owners, like anyone else, are liable only when they are negligent. To be negligent means to fail to do something that an ordinary, careful person would do in the same situation. This means that a property […]

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Jennifer Richard Honors Students

Jennifer Richard returned to the University of New Hampshire on February 6, to recognize undergraduate students for outstanding academic performance. Jennifer presented to students, faculty and staff at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, giving an inspirational and informative presentation focusing on “Five things I wish I had been taught in business […]

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