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Josia Drummond
Maine Attorney General Josiah H. Drummond

Since former Maine Attorney General Josiah H. Drummond and his son hung our first shingle in 1881, we have proudly represented Maine businesses and families in almost every area of the law. For several generations, the firm focused in the areas of corporate, banking, and real estate law and represented paper companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and Maine businesses.

Through the 1970s, the firm remained small, and four generations of attorneys from the Drummond family practiced here. Around that time, the firm expanded in size and scope, eventually reaching today’s size and diverse practice.

We pride ourselves on strong relationships with our clients and a prestigious reputation as one of Maine’s best law firms. Today, the attorneys at Drummond & Drummond practice in almost every area of the law, from real estate and corporate transactions, to personal injury and trust & estate law. Our attorneys have licenses in many states, including Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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