Nathaniel Huckel-Bauer & Barry Woods at the Maine Idyll Community Solar Farm, Freeport, ME with Barry’s plug in electric vehicle

Nathaniel Huckel-Bauer & Barry Woods at the Maine Idyll Community Solar Farm, Freeport, ME with Barry’s plug in electric vehicle

Drummond & Drummond’s experience

with real estate and financial transactions, plus its commitment to clean energy and sustainable enterprises, means clients can not only expect them to understand the nuances of the transaction but also the motivations behind your project. The firm promotes positive change in Maine’s solar energy policy, including advocating the interests of CSFs before Maine’s Public Utility Commission. Drummond & Drummond’s lawyers are personally committed to the success of your sustainability project and the growth of Maine’s solar generation resources. At Drummond & Drummond our renewable energy and sustainability attorneys believe the legal profession should help promote clean energy innovation and sustainability, which are the cornerstones of Maine’s future economy.

Maine’s Food Culture

Maine has the fastest growing number of young farmers in the country, ample physical space, and a massive consumer market within a day’s drive on its southern border. The farm to table business sector is a potentially huge economic driver for the state and Drummond & Drummond wants to help it grow!  As part of our commitment to this mission, attorneys volunteer time as part of Conservation Law Foundation’s Legal Services Food Hub, which matches local farmers with attorneys to provide relevant legal services on subjects such as entity formation, food health safety, business succession planning and vendor contracts.

As part of it's sustainability efforts, in 2015 Drummond & Drummond, LLP co-sponsored, co-organized and volunteered in the First Annual Maine Farm Fish and Food Innovation Challenge, held at Bowdoin College.

As part of it’s sustainability efforts, in 2015 Drummond & Drummond, LLP co-sponsored, co-organized and volunteered in the First Annual Maine Farm Fish and Food Innovation Challenge, held at Bowdoin College.

In 2015 Drummond & Drummond, LLP co-sponsored, co-organized and volunteered in the First Annual Maine Farm Fish and Food Innovation Challenge (now the Maine Food Systems Innovation Challenge) held at Bowdoin College. The Maine Food Systems Innovation Challenge seeks to create sustainable business models (both financial and ecological) offering a fair return to the farmer or fisherman at a fair price to the buyer, while minimizing their carbon footprint.
The Challenge is looking for bold and big ideas pushed by people who want to challenge each other and the status quo. It expects solutions that either significantly enhance current models, such as farmers’ markets, fish markets, community supported agricultural associations (CSA), pick-your-own and farm-stands, or create new models that adapt to local and regional needs, utilize technology and adopt creative business structures such as cooperatives and L3Cs. Last year cash and in kind legal services were provided to the winners of the pitch competition. Four food start-ups were chosen- Portland’s Fork Food Lab, Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative, Brunswick’s New Beet Market, and Frinklepod Farm of Arundel.  This friendly competition highlights the vitality and variety of Maine’s agricultural entrepreneurs. We are excited to continue our support again in 2016! The firm routinely works with a number of businesses in the food and agricultural spaces who have the vision and passion to promote innovative ideas that could be the next high growth industry.


Community Solar Farms Made Simple


Edgecomb Community Solar Farm located in Edgecomb, Maine

Edgecomb Community Solar Farm located in Edgecomb, Maine

ReVision Energy, Maine’s largest independent solar developer, has been responsible for the construction of all of Maine’s Community Solar Farms (CSFs) and relies on Drummond & Drummond, LLP to successfully represent each CSF from formation to closing. Responding to the uniqueness of these projects, Drummond & Drummond attorneys, Barry Woods and Nathaniel Huckel-Bauer, pioneered Maine’s first legal model for privately owned Community Solar Farms. Since 2014 they have assisted in the development of ten CSFs throughout the state. The firm designed a streamlined process to save clients time and money, bundling legal services into a flat fee and making for a more predictable, transparent and efficient legal process. The firm’s legal team also protects the Associations’ interests by helping to verify host site ownership and is well acquainted with necessary utility approvals developers must acquire. Since these large photovoltaic arrays can generate electricity for over 40 years, Drummond & Drummond realizes these are complex and long term investments and Association members must be educated carefully about their choices and be adequately protected.



Plug In! (Your car that is)

The Electric Vehicle charging station in use at the Hannaford store in Portland, Maine

The Electric Vehicle charging station installed at the Hannaford grocery store in Portland, Maine

Another part of the firm’s sustainability efforts is a mission to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles. Drummond & Drummond owns Electric Mobility NE, which provides sales, services and professional consulting services across the country designed to promote transportation electrification and infrastructure development. If you see a ClipperCreek electric vehicle charger around your town (e.g. Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, Bridgton, Naples, Paris) or at a local business or parking garage, Electric Mobility NE probably had a hand in its placement. For three years Electric Mobility NE has organized Maine’s only National Drive Electric Week event held at the South Portland Community Center. Electric Mobility NE brought together NissanNA, EVgo, Hannaford/Delhaize and ReVision Energy to collaborate on the installation of ten DC Fast Chargers, more than doubling the number in Maine, and helping Hannaford brand itself as a business leader in sustainable transportation. Electric Mobility NE also helped organize Maine’s first public/private EV stakeholder group, Drive Electric Maine, whose members contribute to impactful infrastructure projects designed to grow tourism, workplace and commercial charging opportunities and to help make Maine a leader in electric vehicle deployment. Electric Mobility NE recently received a major planning grant to work with Maine agencies, including government organizations, as part of a joint task force to electrify major travel corridors between Maine and Quebec.


Want to Talk?

Formed in 1881 by Maine’s former Attorney General, Josiah H. Drummond, Drummond & Drummond, LLP (not to be confused with the other Drummond law firm) includes about a dozen diverse and highly experienced lawyers with a variety of practice areas, including employment law, corporate and business law, real estate transactions and litigation, personal injury, estate planning and family law. All successful firms survive by adapting and yet maintaining a consistent vision. Having the opportunity to work with sustainability-minded clients offers the best of both worlds, success for the client while preserving a part of Maine for future generations

Barry Woods, Esq. is also the founder and Director of Electric Mobility NE. He enjoys working on clean energy projects, developing sustainability minded clients, handling employment law matters and promoting electric vehicles. He was a founding board member of Drive Oregon, the country’s first electric vehicle industry trade cluster, and is currently on the Executive Committee of Plug In America. A graduate of Bowdoin College and Lewis & Clark Law School, Barry believes in the power of Maine’s people and communities to make positive change.
Nathaniel R. Huckel-Bauer, Esq., has long history working with real estate transactions and counseling businesses. He is actively involved in clean energy projects and the formation of CSF. A Dartmouth College and Vermont Law School graduate, his law degree included a focus on environmental law.

All of us here at Drummond & Drummond hope you agree these are worthwhile values to promote. Be a force for positive change in your business and community. Let us help. Click here to contact us.