The business and corporate practice group at Drummond & Drummond represents clients ranging from single-member start-ups to large, multi-state corporations. Our corporate and business attorneys help clients choose the right business structure, whether it be a simple limited liability company or corporation, or a special-purpose entity such as a professional corporation, IRA limited liability company or homeowner’s association.

Representative services for the entrepreneur or small business include advising on investor and securities compliance issues, state and local permits, contracts for use with customers and contractors, protecting an emerging brand name or trademark and many other issues important to the success of small businesses.

For larger corporate clients our work includes multi-state corporate qualifications, maintenance filings and licensing; shareholder agreements and ownership transition planning for family-owned businesses; and business stock, asset purchase and sales transactions. Our corporate law attorneys can answer your questions, address your concerns and work with you as your business succeeds and grows. Call us today for a free consultation.